copacetic \kō-pə-‘se-tik\ : in excellent order; satisfactory; cool


Copacetic Beauty Lounge is located in the heart of the North Hills in Pines Plaza. It's a collaboration of long-time friends, Nikki James and Missy Browning, who needed to work together again in a gorgeous work space with a laid back atmosphere surrounded by hand-picked stylists: a mix of decades of experience and fresh, young minds building their careers in this industry that we don’t only sincerely enjoy but respect.  We would like our crew to be as diverse as our clientele.  Welcome.

Cancellation policy – We ask that you respect our time as we respect yours and in doing so please cancel AT LEAST within 24 hours.  Last minute things do come up and emergencies happen; however, we reserve the right to ask for a credit card reservation (amount to be determined based on service) for some clients who cannot respect the appointment process.  This credit card reservation also applies to clients that hold appointment slots at peak times/days but then cancel within that week regularly.

No show policy - First time bailing with no call is just rude.  Second time bailing...unfortunately we will have to no longer take you as a client. We take respect for other people's time very seriously and our stylists are not making any money when their chair is empty.  

Redo policy – We stand behind our work and most definitely would like for you to make us aware of any concerns so we may make adjustments.  These adjustments need to be within 2 weeks of your original visit, preferably with your original stylist.  Another stylist can assist you if there is a comfort issue or scheduling conflict.  

Kid policy – Let's all be real here.  We understand that sometimes your kids have to be with you during your appointment, but also understand that most of our clients take the time at Copacetic to not only get great hair but also to relax and unwind.  We welcome kids that aren't climbing on the furniture or raising general hell throughout the salon; please be considerate of other paying clients.  *kids (under 12) are not permitted in the Skin & Soul location*

We accept cash money of course as well as checks, Master Card, Visa, Discover, and Amex. Tips may not be added to credit card transactions. Thank you. 
** There are two ATMs in Pines Plaza for your convenience.**





Pines Plaza
1130 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237



Mon 2pm–9pm
Tues-Thurs 10am–9pm
Fri-Sat 7am–4pm
Closed Sundays 

please note: We are closed for major holidays and educational events throughout the year.