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Victoria Zaitz

Victoria is a full-time professional psychic counselor, medium, reiki healing practitioner, spiritual guide, intuitive development teacher, workshop leader, and lecturer. Working internationally since 2007, she has worked with thousands of clients, successfully building her business almost exclusively through word of mouth and client referrals.  Psychic since childhood, she remembers her first vision experience at age 5 predicting her future work in helping others.  She has made a lifelong study of all things metaphysical, including many religions and spiritual practices, particularly mindfulness, vipassana and other forms of meditation and has participated in numerous meditation retreats. She is an avid practitioner of meditation and kundalini yoga.

Psychic information is directly accessed using a meditative process.  Victoria counsels on any issue requiring spiritual guidance—love, relationships, finances, business, family/friends, health, creativity, and spiritual development/practices. She is also a psychic medium, connecting with loved ones and pets who have passed.  Victoria has particular expertise in spiritual partnerships (soul mate and twin flame relationships.)  As a spiritual counselor familiar with many religions and paths, she can guide you to practices that support your personal growth through spiritual path coaching, including coaching in meditation. Victoria also combines a Japanese method of hands-on energy healing (reiki) with her sessions on request.  Sessions are typically very healing and help clients to release emotions, recognize life patterns, and gain a deeper understanding of their personal psychology, feelings, motivations, and life purpose. Her sessions are empowering and always include options for creating positive growth and change.

She is a practitioner at Journeys of Life bookstore in Shadyside, has office space at Peace, Love, and Zen in East Liberty, and now is available for our clients at Copacetic.  She also works privately with many regular, loyal clients from all walks of life—including prominent spiritual leaders and teachers.  Victoria frequently participates in spiritual expos and events, psychic fairs, and public and private events in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Ohio and other areas on the East Coast.  Victoria has also worked on missing person cases and has prior experience as a psychic in the field of paranormal investigations.

Victoria holds a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sophia University, formerly known as the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies/Spirituality from Chatham University.  She has studied with many international teachers in Lilydale, NY and is well connected to the spiritual community in Pittsburgh.  Victoria has taught local classes in meditation, psychic development, mediumship, divination, spiritual relationships, and psychometry, and has led women’s spirituality groups.  Victoria also works with psychic children, helping them (and their parents) learn how to accept and master their ability.  She has taught on Soul Mates and Twin Flames in Lilydale, NY, and has also lectured locally on many topics, including Soul Mates, Parapsychology, Life Lessons from Mediumship, and Transcending the Ego through Mediumship. Victoria conducts individual mentoring sessions for all levels of students who wish to develop their intuitive skills.








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