the smooth system

Removing unwanted hair is an investment of your time and money, so do it right the first time. The Smooth System is effective on all skin types, treating grays and peach fuzz as easily as dark course hair. All hair is permanently removed without regrowth. Guaranteed.

in progress…approximately 10 hours on an underarm that will gone FOREVER

in progress…approximately 10 hours on an underarm that will gone FOREVER

what is the smooth system?

It is the only FDA-approved device and method for truly immediately permanent hair removal. It’s applicable to all skin and hair types , and proven to result in smoother skin without and regrowth. The Smooth System has decades of medical research, clinical trials, and endorsements from world renowned dermatologists. With over 500,000 satisfied clients in 40+ years, the Smooth System gives real, proven results, as published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

The Smooth System can treat hair anywhere on the face or body for women and men. It is popular for treating the following:

  • Facial hair: lip, chin, cheeks, between the eyebrows, neck

  • Bikini

  • Underarms

  • PCOS

  • Razor bumps and ingrown hairs

Why the smooth system?

The Smooth System goes way beyond hair reduction. The hair is gone. There is zero regrowth. Because it is so gentle, it’s perfect for sensitive areas like the face and neck. It reached difficult spots like ears, and is safe around eyes and irregular skin like tattoos and scars.

  • Effective on all skin tones and hair colors

  • Safe with zero scarring

  • Patented, state-of-the-art, smart technology

  • Clinically proven RF calibrations guarantee to permanently dissipate further every anatomical hair

is this a situation you have and are tired of keeping up with it?

is this a situation you have and are tired of keeping up with it?

diagram of probe in follicle

diagram of probe in follicle

how does the smooth system work?

It treats one hair at a time by delivering precise, pre calibrated radio frequencies (RF) through a flexible and bulbous-tipped probe. The probe is insulated to protect the outer layer of skin and focus the RF energy directly at the root of the hair. The burst of RF energy permanently dehydrates and shrinks the follicle. For permanent results, hair must be removed during the active growth cycle. All hairs are in different growing phases and only 30% of follicles are actively growing at any time. The Smooth System treatments are scheduled in tandem with the hair cycle for maximum efficiency. At your consultation, a certified technician will assess the desired treatment area and create a plan including cost.

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30 minutes - $99
1 hour - $199
5 hour package - $760 (includes 20% discount)
10 hour package - $1520 (includes 20% discount)