Skinscript Customized Facial - 60 mins - $95 (package of 6 - $510)

Facials are tailored to meet your individual skin concerns.  Our estheticians will use proper products to cleanse, exfoliate with fruit based enzymes, extractions if necessary, massage, serum, mask, and moisturize.  You will leave glowing.

Add on to customized facial

dermaplane (in place of enzymes) - $45

microcurrent (in place of massage) - $50

lactic or glycolic acid added to enzyme - $30

Back Facial - $125+

Deep cleanse, exfoliate with fruit based enzymes, extractions performed if necassary, mask, and moisturize.

Chemical Peel -  $65
Package of 6 - $370, recommended for best results done in a series spaced 1-2 weeks apart

lactic acid - a gentle hydrating, exfoliating, lightening peel.

glycolic acid - exfoliating, minimizes pore size and promotes cell renewal.

TCA - exfoliating, evens skin tone, reduces acne, and often retexturizes skin.  Actual peeling is usually experienced on day 4 post service.

*complimentary sample size post service home kits are included with all chemical peels.

Dermaplane - 60 mins - $75

Painless skincare treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair which results in healthier, brighter skin that has a smoother look and feel.

Add on to dermplane
lactic or glycolic acid peel - $30

Acne treatment - 30 mins - $65

Skinscript's cranberry turnover peel that exfoliates, reduces oil with salicyclic acid. Actual peeling is usually experienced on day 4 post service.

TAMA Microcurrent "the holistic facelift"
Microcurrent is the most natural, non-invasive, and holistic approach to anti-aging over long term use.  A subtle electrical pulse is used to trigger the production of collagen and elastin and "re-educate" the more than 30 facial muscles.  Each individual's lifestyle, skin health, age, and treatment schedule and compliance are factors in how soon results are seen and how dramatic they may be. Complimentary consultation is required.

Antiaging level 1 - 6 sessions - $595

Antiaging level 2 - 12 sessions - $1140

Bridal boost - 3 sessions - $299 


basic manicure - $25

gel manicure - $35

gel manicure with artwork - $40+

après gel-x set - $55+

These are extensions for length and structure. They are gel and soak off. You do not get them filled but they are strong as acrylic and last 2-3 weeks. Artwork beyond a plain gel polish finish can be added and will be charged based on complexity.

acrylic full set - $45 with or without tips for length

acrylic fill - $35

acrylic removal - $20

spa pedicure - $40 includes regular polish

gel pedicure - $50

*special nail repairs and complex artwork and gems available and will be charged per nail.

lash extensions with laura

Classic Full Set - $160

One extension is applied to one natural lash.

Classic Touch up (within 3 weeks) - $75

Volume Full Set - $250

Multiple extensions are handmade (tons of education, skill, and talent) into a fan and applied to one natural lash.

Volume Mini Touch Up (within 2 weeks) - $95

Volume Touch up (within 4 weeks) - $125

Hybrid Full Set - $200

A mix of classic and volume.

Hybrid Touch Up (within 3 weeks) - $85

Lash Removal - $30

Lash Lift and Tint - $100

Your natural lashes only better!  This lash enhancing treatment boosts your natural lashes without the need for extensions.  Lashes are lifted, "set", and tinted darker for eye-opening results that last 6-8 weeks.


Classic Full Set - $120

Classic Touch up (within 3 weeks) - $50

Hybrid Full Set - $150

Hybrid Touch Up (within 3 weeks) - $65

Volume Full Set - $200

Multiple extensions are handmade (tons of education, skill, and talent) into a fan and applied to one natural lash.

Volume Mini Touch Up (within 2 weeks) - $75

Volume Touch up (within 4 weeks) - $100

*out of house clients with another artist’s lashes other than Laura and Ana currently will need to schedule a consultation first. It’s complimentary and what’s best for the health of your lashes and the use of your appointment time.


Brows, Lip, or Chin - $15

Full face - $50

Chest or Back - $50+

Bottom Legs, Arms, or Bikini - $45

Underarms - $30


Massage - 60 mins - $70

Massage - 90 mins - $100
Recommended for deep tissue work

Massage - 120 mins - $130
Recommended for deep relaxation


Brow tint - $20

Brow wax and tint - $30

Brow henna - $45

Vegan and cruelty free, non oxidative tinting of the brow and skin. The highly pigmented, custom mixed color stays on the skin for up to 2 weeks and on the brow hairs for up to 6 weeks for a beautiful, soft, emphasis of the natural brow.

Brow henna with wax or threading for shape - $60

Cosmetic tattoos - microbladed brows/powdered brows/freckles

Please visit for Laura’s menu, policies, and bookings with her at Artisan Tattoo.

More about Victoria here

Psychic/Mediumship Reading - 30mins - $65 / 60mins - $100

Includes all general life questions, connecting with loved ones and pets who have passed, and all soul mate and twin flame relationship readings/counseling.   

Reiki Sessions - 30mins - $45 / 60mins - $75

Reiki is a Japanese form of hands on (light touch and/or no touch) energy healing that works on deep levels of the energy body to release blockages, and create space for mental, physical, emotional, etheric, and spiritual healing to occur.  I have been a practitioner of the Usui Reiki Tradition since 2009. My reiki master teacher is David Troutman, who has been practicing and studying reiki for over 30 years and is in a direct lineage to Hawayo Takata and the Usui Reiki Tradition. In-person reiki is done on a heated massage table in the spa setting here at Skin & Soul.

Private Mentoring in Psychic/Mediumship Development -
60mins - (children ages 7 to 17) - $50
90mins - (adults) - $75
4 month package $270 - (90mins once a month at a 10% discount) - Helpful to fine tune a specific aspect of ability. 
9 month package $540 (90mins once a month at a 20% discount) - We can achieve most of your personal development goals in this amount of time. You will receive a certificate for completing this program in its entirety. 

Individualized and personalized instruction for children and adults. Includes coaching in-between sessions via email and phone as issues arise. Includes all course materials except for one required book.  Works specifically on your goals for development and your personal level of ability (includes ability assessment and goal development,) beginning through advanced.  I have students who apply their ability to artwork, healing work, traditional counseling work, to business applications, and those who wish to become a professional psychic or medium.  Recommended once a month. My teaching approach involves practice readings.  Applicable to those who want to develop for themselves or for helping others. 

My approach with children is to help them and their parents to understand and manage their child’s ability and is psychologically tailored to their age and is developmentally appropriate and on a level they can understand.

Spiritual Path Coaching - 30mins - $55 / 60mins - $80
3 month package $215 (60 mins once a month at a 10% discount) - Helpful for short-term issues and/or is the ideal amount of time needed to really integrate a new spiritual practice in your life! 

Includes things like meditation guidance, coaching and instruction, counseling on finding and maintaining a spiritual path and/or practices, assistance for those in a spiritual awakening/emergency, understanding the highly sensitive person, help for kundalini awakening, counseling on paranormal experiences. This is a version of counseling/coaching on spiritual topics, and is not a reading.  

Guided Meditation Sessions - 30mins - $35
Package of 2 (30mins each) meditations - $60

Custom designed guided and recorded meditations. Come in to my office to receive the full experience, but I can also record it for you and send electronically.  Some examples:  meditations for connecting with your guides, for chakra clearing and balancing, for stress reduction and relaxation, for healing a specific issue, cord cutting and releasing meditations.  Available in person and also sent as a recording.